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Your details

important information section

You must give us full and accurate answers. If you don't, we may cancel or change your policy (including the price or your excess) or refuse to pay all or part of a claim.

Date of birth

Joint policyholder (optional)

By adding a joint policy holder, you confirm they’re aware that you're providing their personal information. They’ll also be able to update details, change or cancel the cover and make claims.

Date of birth

Personal assumptions

To make it quick and easy to get a quote, we've based it on a few assumptions. Please read them and tell us whether they're correct.

Please confirm that no person to be insured has

  • Any unspent criminal convictions (excluding motoring offences) or prosecutions pending
  • Ever had insurance refused or cancelled
  • One of the following occupations: student, professional entertainer, footballer, boxer, athlete, gambler, or a money lender
Are all the assumptions correct?

Your contact details

This won't be used for marketing purposes unless you give us permission

This won't be used for marketing purposes unless you give us permission

Is this address your correspondence address?
Do you own or rent it?
Is this your permanent address?

(select 'no' if it's a weekend/weekday, holiday, let, or unoccupied home)

Is there a formal, written tenancy agreement in place between the policyholder and the tenant(s)?
Is the property sub-let?
Will the property be occupied within 30 days of the policy start date?

How and why we use your information

Our insurers, and our carefully selected third parties, collect and use information (including data about health and unspent offences or criminal convictions) about you and, if relevant, your family and your home.

Our insurers do this so they can:

  • Verify your identity and help prevent fraud
  • Calculate the risk to insure you
  • Calculate your price
  • Set up, assess and maintain your insurance contract with them
  • Renew and make changes to your cover
  • Process claims
  • Carry out profiling and analytics

Our insurers share information with the Aviva Group, their reinsurers and other specific organisations for these purposes.

This information comes from:

  • What you’ve already told our insurers
  • Data they already hold about you (including from other quotes and policies with our insurers)
  • Publicly available sources
  • Other organisations our insurers trust
  • Data about your device, general location and how you interact with our insurers website

This means their software decides whether they can insure you and on what terms, deal with claims and carry out fraud checks. To ask about how they make automatic decisions, email

For more about your rights and how and why we use your data, see the Privacy Notice section in the Important Information for your policy. There’s more detail in the Aviva Group Privacy Policy